gift from ewok

it was only today that i was able to open my christmas gift from ewok of “frankly my dear” photoblog. i was at work back in the mideast when my ma received it via courier last december. ewok, me and other filipino bloggers around the globe joined pm’s “all i want for christmas” post that started last year of october. here is what ewok sent me all the way from california!

she sent me a card, t-shirt, a ref magnet she got from holland, netherlands and a keychain from paris, france. thanks so much for the gifts ewok, i gave the ref magnet and keychain to my ma.

i just don’t know what happened to the gifts i sent to my “partner” last december, she never even confirmed receiving it though i have checked in the courier website that it was sent and received in the address she gave pm. i was even so excited when i bought the singing barney plush doll at toy kingdom store she wanted for her son. 😦

anyway, thanks again ewok, the shirt fits well!