pen test shots

a few days after arriving in manila for my regular days off, i got the olympus pen ep-1 camera last week from an online seller based in quezon city. i only have the 17mm pancake lens for now and will just buy the other lens next time when i am able to save some money again. here are some of my random and unedited ‘test shots’ that i took.  i know the pictures are not that good but pardon a newbie, please. haha.

i think my old sony cybershot can do better, lol.  colors are quite good though, and i really have to learn to adjust the settings of this camera – goodluck to me!

it’s a pen

it’s not a point and shoot, not an slr . . . it’s a pen.  what will you create?

well that is how olympus camera company described e-p1, a camera that features the sophistication of a d-slr but is built into an extremely small and easy to use camera.

i have been wanting a d-slr camera for sometime now but having a bulky camera with me just dissolves the thought. currently, i use my ever-dependable sony cybershot w300 and i also have a t77.  i am not really knowledgeable on cameras but when i saw the olympus e-p1 on the internet, i got fascinated with its features as an alternative for a d-slr.  here’s the overview of the ep-1 from the olympus webpage ~ click here.

i saw sample images from digital camera review, you have to scroll down on the page to see the pictures they took and it was surprisingly nice!