at pearl farm

a former cultivation farm for south sea pearls, pearl farm beach resort in samal island davao city was a primary choice for me for a well-deserved stay during my vacation last june.  i was with my good friend, chyng and a night at this resort was included in our plan for a weekend trip in davao.


i made an advanced reservation through contacting the resort from the e-mail address i got from their website.  i was still in my workplace then at the mideast so e-mail correspondence was convenient for me and having a room reserved that way worked out fine for their staff was courteous enough to follow-up everything including credit card payment.

2 (2)

I reserved one of their “samal houses” which are built on stilts on the water.


it reminded me of the accommodation I stayed on at el rio, where i spent a weekend alone in that resort in coron, palawan.


the house that we were assigned to was the first one to reach from the reception and the restaurant.


the room was of native d√©cor.  though the room looked old, it was clean and well maintained.


there was enough closet space and complimentary toiletries are available.


the shower room and the toilet are separate – i still prefer one which is not.


a welcoming letter from the management and yes, the resort is undergoing renovation.


the best part of the room of course, was the balcony.


school of fishes can be observed in the clear water.  it feels great to have this kind of view in the morning as you wake up from a good sleep.


we had buffet breakfast at their restaurant which was included in the package i got.


the food choices was okay but i was more interested with the sweet jams they serve.


unique flavors of mangosteen, durian and tamarind.  i loved the mangosteen jam, i actually tried to look for one at the stores at the airport so i can take some home but there was none available.  the least i liked was the durian, i’m really not a fan of this fruit anyway.


watermelon juice and some slices of fresh fruits.


this is the resort pool.


there was a scheduled boat ride that chyng and i took to the island that pearl farm also owns which was named as malipano.


a lush of greenery of towering coconut trees and grass was calming.


felt a soft breeze and i ran towards a discovery.


a part of the island which was isolated?!  naaah.


light brown colored sand as fine as polvoron! haha!


well, hello there!


you really don’t need to go that far if you want the best beaches. ūüôā

beach destination wishlist

i love the beach.¬† mÔĽŅy ma have told me things like, “you’re going to the beach?¬† you don’t even know how to swim!” or “don’t go near the water when it’s high tide!”¬† i¬†know she loves me so much and well, she is oh-so-right for i¬†really never learned how to swim.¬† i¬†have been to failed swimming lessons and if you throw me into the sea right now, i’ll¬†drown to death.¬† ironically, i¬†work remotely in the middle of the sea.¬† it’s like a five hour boat ride or a 25 minute chopper flight to reach shore – “how about that mama?”¬† hehe.

ÔĽŅafter updating my work calendar for the year, i¬†decided to visit three island beach destinations for each time that i’ll¬†be home.¬† it’ll all be just a ‘wishlist’ for now, but i¬†still hope i¬†can accomplish it by the end of the year.

1. guimaras:  i bought a regular flight ticket to iloilo last year and did not showed up at the airport.  i think it deserves a second attempt.

2. el nido:¬† palawan¬†just fascinates me.¬† i¬†have been to puerto¬†princesa¬†in 2009 and coron¬†in 2010.¬† for 2011, it’s pronto, el nido!

3. panglao:¬† if i’m¬†going to see some chocolatey¬†hills and a weird-looking mammal such as the tarsier, why not check panglao?

how about you, have you made a list of your beach destinations this year?