sweet peppery drink

i went to the grocery store the other day and was about to buy something to drink when i saw this powdered juice concentrate from tang which made me stop and look more closely.

it’s tang’s lemon and pepper flavor – well think about adding crushed black peppercorns in your drink!   out of so much curiosity, i bought one box and as soon as i got back to our accommodation i mixed one sachet and a litre cold water on a pitcher.  black pepper particles were swirling as i mixed it and believe me, it looked weird!

i know there is a lemon flavor (minus the pepper!) of tang back in manila which i have tried before and was too sugary for my taste.

the citrus flavor taste of lemon was masked by a sweet and peppery combination (fact that it is mostly table sugar and sweeteners on powdered drinks) and it felt so odd gulping it down because of the pepper! 😀