toy jeep


this is the last existing toy that i have during my childhood.  my father bought this for me when i was in my 3rd grade, i was about a 9-year-old then.  it’s a japan-made plastic toy jeepney which runs without batteries – you just push it then it makes a clackety-clack sound.  until now it works, eventhough some of its parts have been gone.

his name is ‘blizzard’ and he was my prized possession as a kid.  i won’t even let my other playmates touch him for i was worried he might get scratched or damaged.  i used to take care of him religiously, like after i play with him i dust him off with a small brush, then i use a wet rag to wipe off clean the body and the tires, then i store him in his box. 

i think even in my younger years, i was already an ocd case.  LOL!