the calling

i was about to go to the coffee shop outside the mall.  the night before, i just attended a surprise birthday party of a friend that lasted till early morning.  i thought of having breakfast, for anyways, i was planning to wait for the mall to open.  i needed to buy my mama a sans rival cake that i promised her.  as i was near the shop i heard people singing, it was echoing from a church nearby. 

it is the same church where i was christened, i have forgotten the last time i went to mass, probably a year or so.  i still consider myself as a catholic, an inactive one, for reasons that i do not need anyone to tell me what to believe and not to believe. 

i believe in God, he is my Lord.  i pray to him before i sleep for him to watch over my family,  i thank him for the everyday blessings he offers me, for every sunrise i see, for every moment of being happy.

i went inside the church, the priest has started his homily, which was in english.  as we were asked to stand up for the lord’s prayer i remembered the days when i was an altar boy at age 10, it was then that i thought that priesthood will be  my vocation, i sort of have a “calling”..

i was totally wrong. 

by fate, it was not to be.  my mama told me that it was not what was planned for me, and i did accepted that but there were times then that i did not clearly understood what was for me..

now, i have known the reasons behind everything.

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