flagellation is a form of punishment of whipping and scourging the body.  jesus christ had to experience flagellation before his crucifixion and it was very common during medieval times to the middle ages. 


in the philippines,  self-flagellation is still being practiced during lent despite the strong disapproval of the catholic church.  it involves the penitent, after slashing his back with a blade or a knife, scourges himself with a bamboo whip sometimes even with shards of broken glass at each end.


every year during good friday, a province in the philippines becomes a tourist attraction because of flagellants in a parade.  such horrid self-inflicted pain is being seen as a kind of penance, but i think it is rather becoming a type of curious entertainment on ogling blood and gore.

One response to “flagellation

  1. strong disapproval of the catholic church..

    this does not connect with what i have observed of the catholic church. in fact they prefer that the laity to remain superstitious and from the priest’s own words .. “if it creates faith then it is ok”.

    a “strong opposition” of the catholic church is a call at arms to mislead and misinform as they have done during the proposition RH.

    if the church truly disapproves of it, as influencial over the state and powerful as it is in the philippines. the practice would have been illegal by now. this is not personal observation this is history.

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