ayurveda is taken from the sanskrit words – axus, meaning life, and veda, meaning knowledge.  its practice dates back between 1500-400 ad.  the basic principle of ayurveda is prevention and treatment of ilnesses by maintaining balance in the body, mind and consciousness through proper diet, lifestyle, as well as herbal medicines.

almost two months ago, my blood pressure soared high unexpectedly.  out of self-medication, i did took atenolol to regulate my blood pressure.  it did helped but the thing was, this medicine made me experience some bad adverse effects in my body system so i stopped taking it gradually.


bipasil provides the total alkaloids of sarpagandha, along with various correctives, laxatives and diuretics.  it controls and corrects the causative factors responsible for hypertension.

weeks before, one of my co-workers from india told me he called up his wife to buy me some ‘ayurvedic’ medicine indicated for hypertension.  he received it as a package and handed it to me the other week.  i had to take two tablets twice a day on an empty stomach.  my blood pressure was averaging 150/90 before and after a few days of taking this herbal medicine, i noticed a change of 130/80 average.  well i thought maybe it does help.

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  1. although i’m always open to new concepts & would embrace alternatives, i say you still have to know if a drug has been tested for its long-term systemic effect(s).

    (as if i’m all knowing, not! LOL.)

  2. I love Ayurveda and practising Ayurveda. Bipasil contains time tested herb called Ravoulfia serpentina and it is safe for long use. It contains Alkaloid serpent which is safe to cells. There are also some other medicines in Ayurveda for controlling hypertension like Serpina, Cardostab and Cardocalm.

  3. i also experienced the same issue of using allopathic medicines. here is my tablet history for the first 2.5 years with starting BP 188/138 to 120/80:
    TELMA H 40
    TRIKA 0.25
    TELMA 20
    AZTOR ASP 75
    LOPRIN 75
    NIALIP IP 375
    ESPIN 2.5
    ULTRA D3
    TG TOR 5
    ARKAMIN 100 G
    HDLIP 500
    NEBICARD 2.5
    OLMAT 40
    but i had some issues on the other parts of my body. then i approached a sidha doctor casually and he advised me to take cardostab of nagarjuna herbals one tab daily night along with allopathic medicine for 2 weeks and asked me to stop allopathic medicine. and asked me to do pranayana and stop using the car and asked me to go nearby (3 KM radius) shopping by walking. take only fruits for the dinner and take watery milk before going to bed. i just followed it for the last 3 months and i really astonished the effect of this tablet and now i am very much comfortable and moreover the mental confidence dramatically improved. my BP is varying between 130/85 to 120/78 which i am monitoring on a weekly basis. i was taking so many chickies made out of ground nut which increased my LDL cholestrol level. hence, now for cholestrol recenty i started taking liporid from nagarjuna herbals. let me see the cholostrol level after one month. i will post once again after the test results. but my strong suggestion is ayurveda is best for the hypertension and blood pressure for the stable condition and continued medication instead of allopathy. but to start controlling, allopathy is the best of course 🙂

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