isla del corregidor

an island shaped like a tadpole, corregidor is situated in the entrance of the philippines’ manila bay.  i visited corregidor when i was on days off, it takes about an hour or so by ferry thru sun cruises from their terminal in roxas boulevard, manila to reach the island.


during world war II, corregidor was the site of several battles and its fall to the japanese forces was instrumental in the subsequent capture of the philippines and the retreat of the united states in the early stages of the war.





the island was named corregidor, from the spanish word “corregir” meaning the corrector.

4 responses to “isla del corregidor

  1. good that mr. sun was up when you went there.
    i like the 2nd and your last photos here.
    pull the days to august so you’ll be off for another getaway!

  2. wow! i hope to visit Corregidor soon, i find the sun cruises’ tour expensive though. but i guess in manila there’s really no choice since i’ve heard that there’s no other way but to board their ferry, so I’m thinking of doing Bataan 1st then Corregidor via port Orion.

    • .. enjoy your trip gael! with your knack in photography, i’m sure you’ll get great shots around corregidor! you can stay overnight (they have a small inn there) so you can also do some trekking in the morning and experience malinta tunnel at dark, it’ll be fun!

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