something fishy

as much as possible, i never whine about the food i eat here at the rig but imagine yourself eating the same prepared food every other day seems unbearable.  the thing is, i cannot complain for the only thing i eat is fish and seafood (i practice pescetarianism) and our catering’s food supply is limited.  people here don’t like eating fish – everyone are carnivores!

.. maybe i’m just missing my ma, i miss her home-cooked meals back home.

5 responses to “something fishy

  1. take me to your rig, rob and let me sample those seafood delights, LOL!

    i can’t blame you if you miss tita nenita’s cooking; we kind of miss it too! 🙂

  2. .. it’s just discipline on what and what not to eat chyng. thanks for the add!

    .. gelo, you being a foodie blogger will hate it big time if they feed you the ones we have here!

    • .. there’s a food supply truck coming in to the rig once a week max, that is where we get our fish – frozen!

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