revisiting the monastery

i revisited the monasterio weeks ago with my parents.  the last time we were there (see post) it was a thursday and unfortunately there was no mass for that day.  it was a sunny friday when we went this time, there were a couple of coaster buses when we arrived in the monastery for there was a ‘field trip’ for students from a school in nueva ecija.  they did not stayed long though and never waited for the mass at 10:30 am.

while waiting for the mass i took pictures around the place, we then went to the reception area and my ma saw  rosaries from bethlehem at the counter for sale.  i bought two pieces of the lovely rosaries for me and her to keep.

the mass started and i stayed outside the chapel, seeing the monks made me remember of a deceased second uncle.  he was a missionary priest who met a fatal vehicular accident.  he was an inspiration for me to attend the seminary, i pictured myself before as taking his place.  but god had a different plan for me.  i have brushed off the thought a long time ago, buried under a pile of my so-called past ambitions.

14 responses to “revisiting the monastery

    • .. it’s a small one grace, pero maganda nga. i hope you find that rosary you misplaced, i keep mine in a small pouch para di ko nakakaligtaan.

    • .. i really don’t use mine chyng, i just keep it with me. tama ka, it lets you feel protected specially when you are alone. i’ve always wanted to get those old, metal ones they sell in antique stores back in manila – if i get a chance i’ll get one.

  1. i cannot imagine myself (and perhaps tina will agree too!) hearing mass with you at the altar. hahaha! rob, alam ng buong universe na hindi ka bagay sa seminaryo hahaha… *pun intended*

    that photo of the altar was nicely captured.

    you should have bought a couple more rosaries for me and tina (and LG too). ‘kaw talaga! hehehe… merry christmas, ninong rob! 😀

    • .. gelo, i understand you at matagal ko ng tinanggap na di ako para dun, lol! one time i asked my ma if i ever made it as a priest, ano kaya ang ihohomilya ko? wala siyang maisip. haha!

      .. i like the altar, simple lang but nicely decorated. the rosaries are from israel (with certificate!), sorry naman nakalimutan ko kayo ibili, next time!

      .. merry christmas too, my friend!

  2. Thank you for the nice, short articles on the monasterio. My family is planning a visit to the place and you sure will help us find the way. We are from Baguio City and we hope to attend mass when we go visit.

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