directions to monasterio de tarlac

me and my family attended mass yesterday at the monasterio.  there were a lot of devotees in the place but parking area was no problem for us for there was much space.  a basilica is now under construction.  i took note the directions on how to get to the monasterio for i have received e-mails before asking me about it.  i don’t think there is an available public transportation as of now, but i am posting here the way we got there using our own family vehicle.

from sm city tarlac:  there is a mercury drug after the mall building along mc-arthur highway make a left turn going to zamora street.  turn left to tarlac state university (right side is mc donalds) along romulo boulevard.  turn right when you see the total gas station (left side is agri gas station).  you will pass by central luzon doctors hospital and tarlac chinese cemetery, then a small bridge (agana bridge).  turn left at st. gerard school.  along the way you will see signages of monasterio de tarlac and tarlac recreational park.  when you reach the narrow lubigan bridge you are now at barangay lubigan and just go straight going up to the monasterio.

the monasterio is one place one can visit during visita iglesia (seven churches visitation) customary on holy week.

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i revisited the monasterio weeks ago with my parents.  the last time we were there (see post) it was a thursday and unfortunately there was no mass for that day.  it was a sunny friday when we went this time, there were a couple of coaster buses when we arrived in the monastery for there was a ‘field trip’ for students from a school in nueva ecija.  they did not stayed long though and never waited for the mass at 10:30 am.

while waiting for the mass i took pictures around the place, we then went to the reception area and my ma saw  rosaries from bethlehem at the counter for sale.  i bought two pieces of the lovely rosaries for me and her to keep.

the mass started and i stayed outside the chapel, seeing the monks made me remember of a deceased second uncle.  he was a missionary priest who met a fatal vehicular accident.  he was an inspiration for me to attend the seminary, i pictured myself before as taking his place.  but god had a different plan for me.  i have brushed off the thought a long time ago, buried under a pile of my so-called past ambitions.