10 things i have not done before

most often, i tend to stay in my comfort zone and forget that there are more things out there that the world has to offer.  i must admit, i have not done a lot of fun and challenging stuff in my life for i set too much limitations in myself when i was younger (yes, i’m in my mid-thirties!).  i think as you age, there comes a time when you play back the years you’ve had and ask a question to yourself – “what have i done these past years?” 

i told myself, when will i do these things that i’ve always wanted to try?  when i have lost my hair?  when i already suffer rheumatoid arthritis?  i felt that i need to do something about it and decided to make a list of some of them.  i know some of the stuff that i have in my list are too common for others and embarrassingly it may sound but i have not done it before!

so, here is my list of the 10 things i have not done before that i will tick one by one posted in my blog sidebar as i do it within the year.

1. lone backpacking:  it was my first time traveling alone for leisure purposes when i went to coron last year, this time i’m doing it outside the country.

2. eat an insect delicacy i am not sure yet on what subclass of class insecta it will be.  eeew!

3. drink camel milk:  straight from the mommy camels nipple?!  let’s wait and see!  haha!

4. set up a blog contest in gratitude to my readers, i am going to give away cool stuff and docgelo of beyond toxicity is not allowed to join – he knows me too well!

5. sport a mohawk:  while i still have a head of hair.

6. do horse back riding:  i have experienced it with a carabao!

7. attend a yoga class:  kama sutra is a form of yoga.  really?!

8. spend a night in a historic hotel:  maybe with a special someone.  like my mother.  lol!

9. photograph a tarsier:  you can imagine why nature did not let them grow as big as a gorilla.

10. take a ride on a roller coaster:  and scream like a bitch.  lmao!

i urge my blogger fellows, specially the ones who sometimes read my boring blog (calling docgelo, chyng, dyan, grace, pm, mordsith, everyone!) to join me on this nonsense meme, hehe.  anyway, anyone interested can join and please do use the title 10 things i have not done before and include a link of my blog post addy.  you don’t have to worry if you’ll be able to accomplish it, for it will take you a year to finish ten items in your list!

52 responses to “10 things i have not done before

    • .. actually dong, i also thought of that pero wag na lang, may high blood na ko e! i’m actually excited on my feat of lone backpacking! i know it will make a mark in my life. maexperience man lang habang di pa lolo! hehe. si docgelo? oo, di siya pwede sumali!

  1. lol oo ba sige game! nabuwal ako sa tarsier, eh kung naging kasinlaki ng gorilya ang katawan nun, gano na kalaki ang mata niya? lol. pero alam mo ako din never pa nagroller coaster, gusto mo sabay tayo?

  2. you can still backpack even when you are a lolo already, don’t let age stop you, maybe you will be little bit slower by then but you can still do it. i just met an 82 year old guy a few months ago rock climbing at the blue mountains and that is even more physical. if it’s your passion nothing can stop you (bisyo na to! 🙂 ).

  3. oh rob! i should have made my list din pala.. pano yan i already listed down some items to achieve, pero for this year alone. pero yang long term goals, isipin ko pa. dapat realistic ^_^

    • .. thank you so much for your post, ewok! i’ll also add your other blog in my peekaboo list.

      .. my mom received the package you sent me for pm’s x-mas exchange gift! i’ll be able to open the gift on march when i go for days off.

      • that’s a relief!

        been thinking of throwing a give away for my blog anniversary in the coming months and i was worried that the PI postal system would be a bust, especially since a lot of my readers are from PI.

        • .. i sent my gift to my partner last december too, but oddly she never acknowledged receiving the package though it was received in the address she gave to pm. i was thinking she wasn’t glad of the gifts i sent or someone else took hold of it (can’t blame me getting paranoid here, lol!).

          .. looking forward on your blog anniversary (hey, which one?!), mine will be on the end of this may.

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