10 things i have not done before

2011 was a year of self-fulfillment for me.  what started as a dare of travelling alone in another country has let me prove to myself that it can be satisfying doing a solo travel.  it is in fact a way to let you see the things around you in a wide-angled way, for what i fear before taught me to find a direction to overcome.  it was also a year that i spent better quality time with my loved ones when i am home.  there were no drama, my life was more carefree as a single person.

to start the year, here is my list of 10 things i have not done before.  these might not all get completed by next year as i did the last time (i missed three, but putting them again here!), but i do find it amusing to do such list that i look forward when i am about to be scheduled for a short vacation from work.  it gives me that adrenaline-pumping feeling that i have to accomplish something.  so.. here i my list for 2012! 😀

1.  visit indonesia (done), vietnam (done), singapore and india (done):  i am very specific this time on my travel destinations.  i want it this way so i’ll have more focus on planning to get there (i hope that i do! haha.).

2.  blog a day at work:  let everyone see how a boring workplace can be stressful!

3.  eat crispy pata:  believe me, i have never tasted this ever in my life.  i stopped eating pork almost 20 years ago – it won’t actually hurt me to eat some, for i’ve actually eaten a cricket!

4.  spend an out of town weekend with my high school best friend:  i have to force him to do this with me.  he is a workaholic, i think he has forgotten that there is word spelled as u-n-w-i-n-d!

5.  ride on a train:  i don’t mean the metro rail or a subway – it’s the choo choo train.

6.  have my blog domain:  always wanted to get one but i always change my mind.

7.  date my mom:  my ma and i always go out when i am home but i want this one to be special.

8.  sport a mohawk:  this became difficult to do last year.  i just wanted that beckham- style (ahem!) mohawk but i suddenly started to have thinning hair!  this can be a problem, tsk!

9. photograph a tarsier:  for the third time i am going to book a flight ticket to bohol to see this creature.

10. attend a yoga class:  the vouchers i purchased got expired last year.   i still want to try yoga and.. kama sutra?!

so that is my list.  last year, pm of prinsesa’s anatomy joined me on this meme.  she did had fun and she’s doing it again this year.  hope you join us too! 😀

7 things i have already done before

nearly a year ago, i have posted a meme entitled 10 things i have not done before.  one of my fave blogger, pm who joined me on this has updated her list today, so i’m hurriedly posting this entry for i almost forgot that we agreed to do this after christmas!  i was not able to do all the 10 things in my list (fail! haha!) for i lacked time (please do consider for i’m most of the time at work in the middle of the sea!).  so here is my results:

1. lone backpacking: i went to malaysia, thailand and hongkong  (posts to follow for hk!) – alone and loved it! 

2. eat an insect delicacy:  ate a mole cricket – i can’t put into words the taste till now.

3. drink camel milk:  pasteurized, flavored and bottled!  can’t find a mama camel willing to feed me, hehe.

4. set up a blog contest:  pm won this contest for she had no one to compete with, haha!

5. sport a mohawk:  failed!  i started losing hair this year i did not wanna do this!

6. do horse back riding:  i did this in kuala lumpur but was not documented.  hope to do this again.

7. attend a yoga class:  failed!  i bought a voucher for yoga class but really did not have the time.

8. spend a night in a historic hotel:  had a one night stay at manila hotel.

9. photograph a tarsier:  failed!  for the second time, cancelled a trip to tagbilaran. 

10. take a ride on a roller coaster:  screamed and shrieked like a bitch i thought i was about to have a cardiac arrest!

pm and i will post another ten things i have not done before list this coming year (will have to include my “failed” ones!).  i hope some interested bloggers will join us too.

merry christmas to everyone.  mwah, mwah!  😀

what’s in your bag

when i started working temporarily here in uae weeks back, i need to take a short bus ride from our accommodation to the shipyard where i work. it also meant that i have to carry my backpack with me. i know some people bring a lot of stuff with them in their bags, like some necessities that they cannot leave the house without having it with them. for me, the lesser i have, the better.

I have read on some blogs interesting posts on what people carry with them. it somewhat also gives one an idea the kind of person the owner is. so here’s mine!

how about you, what’s in your bag? 😀