what’s in your bag

when i started working temporarily here in uae weeks back, i need to take a short bus ride from our accommodation to the shipyard where i work. it also meant that i have to carry my backpack with me. i know some people bring a lot of stuff with them in their bags, like some necessities that they cannot leave the house without having it with them. for me, the lesser i have, the better.

I have read on some blogs interesting posts on what people carry with them. it somewhat also gives one an idea the kind of person the owner is. so here’s mine!

how about you, what’s in your bag? 😀

20 responses to “what’s in your bag

  1. rob! alam mo, i was thinking of doing a similar post. as you know, lumiit na bag ko. dati kung anu ano laman nya. ngayon, yung basics na lang: wallet, cell phone, brush, kikay kit.. isama mo na rosary. 🙂

      • eto lang: powder, lipstick, blush tint, lip gloss, perfume. 🙂 ang gaan na ng bag ko! he he! actually, dati pa, i was already planning to make a post on this. di lang matuloy tuloy. nung mabigat pa bag ko noon, andun lahat! pati notebooks (mga tatlo), check book, bible, mini shopping bag, inhaler, etc. lahat yan ngayon, asa loob na lang ng isa pang bag na iniiwan ko na lang sa kotse. at least dala ko pa din, iwan nga lang sila doon. so far, it’s working for me 100%. just realized we can do without carrying a lot of unnecessary things. 🙂

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