malaysia chronicles: promenade hotel apartments

for my kota kinabalu trip, i searched the net for budget accommodations available in the area to pre-book.  i had set my budget to RM100 or lower per night and i never intended to stay in hostels or backpacker inns.  i have nothing against them, but i do not feel comfortable of sharing a room with strangers, or being victimized by tiny, blood hungry bedbugs and worst of all getting my personal stuff stolen.  my personal safety was one of my primary concern when i was planning this trip and it was always a priority.

i decided to book a room for two nights at promenade hotel apartments, found in api-api centre in kota kinabalu.

as you can notice, the room is spacious and clean.  they even changed the linen and towels after my first night.

there is a small kitchen but around api-api centre, there are 24 hour convenience stores, a mcdonalds and a number of small restaurants.  the internet was not working in the room during my stay but there were internet shops available for RM1.5 per hour.  there are also malls that are just walking distance from the place.

i paid RM160 for my two night stay at this apartment.  it will be hard to find a good room like this back in manila for such amount.

8 responses to “malaysia chronicles: promenade hotel apartments

  1. i also consider comfort when staying in other places, particularly in hotels be it a luxurious one or a budget hotel; comfort comes first!

    i believe you don’t have to book a very expensive one when you need only a place to sleep in and for you to safely keep your luggage; and when you will be out most of the day. but if you have the time and everything to spend, indulgence isn’t a sin, i guess. 😀

    • .. and it won’t be a leisurely trip if you make yourself uncomfortable! if i have the money doc, i’ll stay on shangri-la hotels! hehe.

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