thai chronicles: two wats and a palace

i never had a specific itinerary for my trip in thailand.  as i was in bangkok, all i was thinking was the bustling night life that it offers.  i still have two whole days to spend and my first day shouldn’t be wasted by me only staying in my too-comfortable-room.  i think that is one disadvantage of having a good room (lol!) and being alone.

i know grand palace is one place worth visiting, as i was too lazy to find my way to get there, i searched in the internet rental taxis in bangkok.  i did found one that gave me a good deal and informed the cabbie to pick me up in the hotel.

grand palace is a complex of artistically designed complex buildings.  there was a crowd of people when i was there, and being a saturday i have expected it.

tickets to enter the palace costs 350 baht.  grand palace is a complex of artistically designed buildings, and served as the official residence of the kings of thailand from the 18th century onwards.  here’s a proof of how majestic this place is.

there were visitors dipping budding lotus flower in water in the photo i took below, i know there is a meaning of it maybe sort of a blessing for them.

near grand palace is wat prachetuphon or wat pho, one of the oldest wats in bangkok where you can find one of the largest single buddha images of 160 ft length, the reclining buddha (phra buddhasaiyas).  entrance fee to wat pho is 50 baht.

there was a lot of these carved stone giants in the temple.

one of the major tourist attraction in bangkok is wat benchamabophit or well-known as, the marble temple.

this beautiful temple is made of italian marble, admission fee is 20 baht.

that is me infront of the temple, the ordination hall but it is prohibited to go inside.  those chinese tourists are not on line to get in actually.

8 responses to “thai chronicles: two wats and a palace

  1. did you take a boat ride along chao phraya river? they take you to a section of the river where catfish abound and hungrily go for every piece of bread you toss at them. the catfish are free to move anywhere else in the river but are amazingly concentrated in that particular area for whatever reason.

  2. i’m so impressed i wish i was the one who took those photos.

    oo na, kami na ang hindi naghoneymoon sa bangkok kasi di kami nagpunta sa grand palace at reclining buddha *bitter sweet* …ang totoo, we only had 2 days there before and all we did was to shop at weekend and night markets and like you, tina and i ENJOYED our hotel room. almost 10 months after, you got yourself a godson.

    seriously, your takes on bangkok make me want to go there now. right now! *envious*

    rob, have fun on your “next travel” soon! …the 3 of us here miss you and are happy for you!

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