bloggy blog contest

i¬†just woke up this morning and thought of posting a contest for my blog. ūüėČ if you are thinking that it’s my blog anniversary, well it’s not. sensoryreplays¬†is going to be three years old this coming may and this giveaway is just a teaser, lol!

the contest is simple to be able to join and win a cool prize. you just have to post any topic in your blog (a recent travel, a restaurant review, etc.) that will include the words (emphasized in the body of your post) Рseen, heard, smelt, felt, tasted which is what my blog is about.. easy huh?! this is what the winner, on whom i will personally choose, will get..

it is a mini travel speakers from powertraveller (brand new, bought from dubai duty free)!

get superb sound from these mini lightweight speakers. slim and portable they are ideal for travel and using with digital music players. the black acrylic face is both attractive and hard-wearing and can be¬†protected with the handy travel pouch. a 3-way power system allows you to operate¬†the speakers by battery (approximately¬†10 hours continual play), mains power supply or USB. 4xAA¬†batteries and a USB cable are supplied¬†so you can simply plug and play. for use with all ipods, mp3 players, dvd¬†and psp’s, portable cd players and laptops.

any blogger with a philippines¬†address can join and must link this post in his/her entry, or comment below with the link so i¬†will know that you joined. you must have posted your entry before friday, 18 march. winner will be announced¬†the next day. it’s either i will send thru courier the prize or meet with the winner personally (if both our schedule permits!).

i¬†will wait for your posts, goodluck! ūüôā

gift from ewok

it was only today that i was able to open my christmas gift from ewok of “frankly my dear” photoblog. i was at work back in the mideast when my ma received it via courier last december. ewok, me and other filipino bloggers around the globe joined pm’s “all i want for christmas” post that started last year of october. here is what ewok sent me all the way from california!

she sent me a card, t-shirt, a ref magnet she got from holland, netherlands and a keychain from paris, france. thanks so much for the gifts ewok, i gave the ref magnet and keychain to my ma.

i just don’t know what happened to the gifts i sent to my “partner” last december, she never even confirmed receiving it though i have checked in the courier website that it was sent and received in the address she gave pm. i was even so excited when i bought the singing barney plush doll at toy kingdom store she wanted for her son. ūüė¶

anyway, thanks again ewok, the shirt fits well!

this one is for her

nearly two months ago, i joined a christmas exchange gift for bloggers by prinsesa’s¬†anatomy.¬† i¬†am not really sure of how many filipino¬†bloggers who are based¬†not only in the philippines¬†but also in other countries joined the fun but i¬†think¬†we’re ¬†a number.¬† the other day, i¬†just remembered that i¬†have not bought my ‘partner’ her gifts and i¬†am about to go back in the mideast to work this weekend.¬† so¬†last saturday¬†i¬†went to the mall to pick up some stuff for her and her kids (yes, she’s a hot-momma blogger like kg!¬† haha.)¬† i¬†chose three out of a number of items that she ‘suggested’ in her blog post on ‘all i¬†want for christmas’.¬† i¬†also sent her gifts via courier on the same day, it should reach her by tuesday.

i assume out of these gifts, one will be for her, and two for her kids.  advance merry christmas!