one lovely blog award

i was given a one lovely blog award by pm of prinsesa’s anatomy.  i have to share seven things about me and nominate seven bloggers but since i do not have a lot of followers, i’ll just do the first instruction, lol! i have to do this or i might end up with pm’s feline paws on my face! 😀


–      0      –     0      –      0      –      0      –      0      –

– finished two b.s. degrees but never attended a graduation ceremony

– related to the first, i do not have a graduation photo

– stopped eating pork that started when i was in high school

– suffer from health conditions – hypertension, bilateral nephrolithiasis and dextroscoliosis

– surgically corrected congenital alternating exotropia strabismus

– sleep with the lights on, dim light will do

– with slight ocd – i’m into an organized work desk, door knobs, hand washing and flushing the toilet

–      0      –     0      –      0      –      0      –      0      –

thank you pm for the nomination and you also forced me to have a second blog post for the month, hehe!

this one is for her

nearly two months ago, i joined a christmas exchange gift for bloggers by prinsesa’s anatomy.  i am not really sure of how many filipino bloggers who are based not only in the philippines but also in other countries joined the fun but i think we’re  a number.  the other day, i just remembered that i have not bought my ‘partner’ her gifts and i am about to go back in the mideast to work this weekend.  so last saturday i went to the mall to pick up some stuff for her and her kids (yes, she’s a hot-momma blogger like kg!  haha.)  i chose three out of a number of items that she ‘suggested’ in her blog post on ‘all i want for christmas’.  i also sent her gifts via courier on the same day, it should reach her by tuesday.

i assume out of these gifts, one will be for her, and two for her kids.  advance merry christmas!

a christmas exchange gift

i just joined a christmas exchange gift for bloggers by pm of prinsesa’s anatomy entitled “all i want for christmas“. i found her blog from one of my favorite bloggers, kg of ang bahay ni kumareng grace thru one of her recent posts. well, all i have to do is make a post answering some things that i want for christmas for my ‘partner’ to have an idea of what kind of bullshit i am, lol. she will also give a ‘partner’ for me to send a gift to, and the gift will be based from her/his post like mine. so, here’s my list!

something small: metal rosary beads
something big: rag quilt blanket
something cute: orange scrub suit
something soft: cloth laptop sleeve for my vaio
something techie: digital talking alarm clock
something fancy: the body shop white musk for men eau de toilette
something white: i love manila shirt, size large
something wearable: trekking sandals, size 9
something you need: 2011 desk calendar
something you can use for work: usb thumb drive
something sweet: moniegold chewy tamarind candy

all i need for christmas: rayban aviators

to my partner, don’t worry about the last one, i’m buying it as a gift for myself! hehe.

i wonder who my ‘partners’ are? yay!