a christmas exchange gift

i just joined a christmas exchange gift for bloggers by pm of prinsesa’s anatomy entitled “all i want for christmas“. i found her blog from one of my favorite bloggers, kg of ang bahay ni kumareng grace thru one of her recent posts. well, all i have to do is make a post answering some things that i want for christmas for my ‘partner’ to have an idea of what kind of bullshit i am, lol. she will also give a ‘partner’ for me to send a gift to, and the gift will be based from her/his post like mine. so, here’s my list!

something small: metal rosary beads
something big: rag quilt blanket
something cute: orange scrub suit
something soft: cloth laptop sleeve for my vaio
something techie: digital talking alarm clock
something fancy: the body shop white musk for men eau de toilette
something white: i love manila shirt, size large
something wearable: trekking sandals, size 9
something you need: 2011 desk calendar
something you can use for work: usb thumb drive
something sweet: moniegold chewy tamarind candy

all i need for christmas: rayban aviators

to my partner, don’t worry about the last one, i’m buying it as a gift for myself! hehe.

i wonder who my ‘partners’ are? yay!

12 responses to “a christmas exchange gift

    • .. haha, oo dyanie gusto ko dalawa e! lol. yung rayban, gift to self na yun! di ako makapagcomment sa blog mo! di ko mailagay pangalan ko e, i’ll figure it out – sensya na lolo na!

  1. very realistic..

    ganito dapat yung mga list. may nabasa kasi ako something techie: 18-200mm lens, something cute: shih tzu.. jusme! hihi.

    it’s almost nov.. uwi ka? 🙂

    • .. oo grace, para ako uli nasa kinder! haha. asa pinas kasi ako ng first two weeks of december, kaya mapapadalhan ko ng gift yung partner ko.

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