one lovely blog award

i was given a one lovely blog award by pm of prinsesa’s anatomy.  i have to share seven things about me and nominate seven bloggers but since i do not have a lot of followers, i’ll just do the first instruction, lol! i have to do this or i might end up with pm’s feline paws on my face! 😀


–      0      –     0      –      0      –      0      –      0      –

– finished two b.s. degrees but never attended a graduation ceremony

– related to the first, i do not have a graduation photo

– stopped eating pork that started when i was in high school

– suffer from health conditions – hypertension, bilateral nephrolithiasis and dextroscoliosis

– surgically corrected congenital alternating exotropia strabismus

– sleep with the lights on, dim light will do

– with slight ocd – i’m into an organized work desk, door knobs, hand washing and flushing the toilet

–      0      –     0      –      0      –      0      –      0      –

thank you pm for the nomination and you also forced me to have a second blog post for the month, hehe!