ozark diner baguio

well if you’re in baguio city and suddenly crave for american food, i’d suggest you to try visiting ozark diner.  it took me a few minutes of taxi ride from camp john hay where i was staying then at forest lodge hotel.

though the cabbie didn’t know where the diners’ location was, i have jot down the address on a piece of paper and showed it to him.  we did found the place.

as you go along through bareng drive and when you see a white small building (to the left side) with a red door, you’re there!  the restaurant is down to the right – well i was excitedly knocking on the door before i realized that.

The American South is filled with food that comes from a cross between old world dishes and new world ingredients, flavoured by cooks from Africa and the Caribbean. At Ozark, we present our own take on the classic dishes from diners, soul food and family potlucks. We stay true to the flavor and feel of the original, but may update the technique or bring in a twist on the ingredients.  It is important to be informed by tradition, but not be a slave to it. The rich past is our inspiration but our goal is to constantly improve and move forward.

orange steel bar stools creates a pop of color in the restaurant interior.

an open kitchen where you can actually view your food while being prepared.

i ordered a chicken salad on freshly made toasted sandwich bread served with french fries. for sides, some mac and cheese (it’s a bit dry though!) and for drinks, freshly brewed sweet iced tea.  the salad was creamy and delectable!

and for a delightful dessert, who can’t resist their dark beer cheesecake?! personally, i loved it (nom nom nom!) and if you’re a fan of cerveza negra, this one is a must-try.

cookies and more cookies!  you can never have enough of this thing in baguio!

that’s me and one of the restaurant owners, chef kevin mize.  i had a small talk with him and he mentioned that ozark will have a bed & breakfast inn and construction is soon to start – i’ll look forward to that!

Ozark Diner+Bed+Breakfast
2 Bear’s Trail corner Bareng Drive
Baguio City

this is NOT a sponsored post.