i just sold my cr series sony vaio laptop days ago before i went for days off for i was wanting a new one.  before i handed it to my buyer i took some pictures so i can let people who are planning to get their laptop “gmasked” have an idea on how it’ll look like after almost a year and a half.

 actually it was still in good shape.

the film on the sides of the pad still intact. 

here you can notice part of the film fraying.

same on the corners of the unit.

part near the speakers.

i think the film really protected the laptop from scratches and dust, and i had that laptop for almost a year and it took care of it.

gmask protect thee

i purchased a new sony vaio laptop last april and when i was on days off, i got it gmasked (on which i first read about from a friend’s blog) . . it protects a gadget like a laptop or a mobile phone from nasty scratches, liquid spills, weather and sweat.  only thing is the original “black matte” color of my vaio was changed into a “lustrous black”. 

gmask’s wafer-thin protective film is from japan and its outlets are available internationally.  check out below my gmasked laptop..

if you wouldn’t look closer, it’s actually unnoticeable . .