a new vaio

last month before going for days off, i sold my 18 month old sony vaio cr series notebook to one of my co-workers for i wanted to get myself a new one for christmas.  i checked online some hewlett packard “pavillion” models because i was looking for a multimedia notebook on which hp is well known, but still i decided to stick with a sony vaio brand.  i never really had any technical problems with my old cr series except the operating system was windows vista.

“designed for comfortable daily use, vaio nw series puts you and your family at ease with its “naturhythm” texture, two-tone finish, 15.5-inch lcd with small footprint, and supremely user-friendly operation.  sony vaio nw series is a slim notebook with calm black finish delivers 15.5 inches of vibrant clarity while taking up minimal space. its user-friendly features include one-touch quick web access and music playback with the display off button”.

i purchased a sony vaio nw series notebook that has a unique “waved body design” that comes in black color.  It has an intergrated blu-ray drive, 2gb main memory, 320gb hdd, a glossy display and a sound that is crisp as i watched videos and listened to music.  the nw series also comes with intelcore 2 duo processor and the new genuine windows 7 home premium pack – because vista sucks!  lol!

so if you’re looking for an all around entertainment notebook, the nw series is in fact a good choice.

in the philippines, the latest sony nw series retails for about P65,000.00 (as of december, 2009).


i just sold my cr series sony vaio laptop days ago before i went for days off for i was wanting a new one.  before i handed it to my buyer i took some pictures so i can let people who are planning to get their laptop “gmasked” have an idea on how it’ll look like after almost a year and a half.

 actually it was still in good shape.

the film on the sides of the pad still intact. 

here you can notice part of the film fraying.

same on the corners of the unit.

part near the speakers.

i think the film really protected the laptop from scratches and dust, and i had that laptop for almost a year and it took care of it.