another year

i lasted for another year in the company i am working for. this year has been quite rough, considering the recession that seems to be just lurking around and affects everyone. i have seen my co-workers lose their jobs and sent back home – never a happy scene. the latest, were rumors that the management are slashing about 150 rig personnel at the start of the next year. people ask me if it was true, asking me if a memo has been e-mailed from base camp or a letter from the rig mail was received. if i knew, i would not even dare to talk about for it just distresses me.

the head count reduction project


the company i am working for is currently implementing drastic measures.  i have heard rumors of three more rigs going down after two were stacked out then most likely this is possible.  weeks ago, my manager asked for the list of personnel on our rig and i asked him if the main office is trying to layoff hands again.  he replied that the office have this thing they named as the ‘head count reduction project’ – on which the words speaks out for itself. 

so now, every rig hand is feeling threatened again of losing their jobs especially the t.c.n.’s (third country nationals – that is how we are ‘classified’ in here if you are of filipino or of indian nationality).  a few months ago they laid off a few of my co-workers and it is really not a situation one wants to be in.



four of my co-workers just got removed from our rig crew, they were sent to our base camp in dammam this morning without any advance notice and i really am not sure what the personnel department will decide for them, either they get transferred to another rig or sent straight to the house.  it’s just saddening.