the manor at camp john hay

it was the second time for me to visit the city of pines this year.  i have been curious about “the manor” and have always wanted to experience a stay in this hotel.

for me baguio city seems to be the best readily accessible place for a quick escape to the chaos of manila. i found myself again boarding a deluxe bus in quezon city.  after merely four hours, i made it to my booked hotel – the manor in camp john hay.

The Manor is not only distinguished by its impressive architecture and cozy interiors, but also blessed with an environment that truly sets it apart from other hotels in Baguio City. This four-storey structure, designed to blend neatly with towering pine trees, provides a magnificent view of the Cordillera mountain range.

i arrived early and was informed by reception to wait for a few hours before i can check-in because there are no rooms available.  i then decided to have something to eat in the hotel’s restaurant, le chef.  after almost an hour i returned to the front desk to check if there was an available room for me and luckily there was!  i was accommodated at 10:00 am.

like their neighboring hotel, the forest lodge where i stayed last june, the interiors also show a filipino-colonial feel.

a huge stone fireplace adorns the lounge area.

elevators to the left-wing.

the hallway to my room. i got the room first door to the left.

my room, 201.

two queen sized beds welcomed me as i entered the room.

a work desk.

television with cable channels.  most of the furniture was made of wood and the floor was carpeted.

a small sink.  complimentary bottled water, sachet of ground coffee and some bags of black tea.

there are instructions to brew fresh coffee.  i actually tried this.

a full length mirror near the main door.

emergency procedures.  know your fire exit!

the dresser and a big closet.

the toilet and bath are clean.

these are the toiletries.  water pressure from the shower was fine but the tiled floor inside the stall can be slippery.

they also offer massage and spa treatments.

stationery is available (not pictured).

these garlic peanuts and cashew brittle are available for purchase from the mini bar.  i bought them and they do taste good.

a view from my window.

the next morning, i went back to le chef restaurant to have brunch.

they offer buffet breakfast and it was really busy on a sunday morning (notice my apparition in the glass door? lol!).

this was my breakfast . . and lunch!  i went back for more.

after being gastronomically satisfied, i walked around the distinguished four-storey hotel.

beautifully manicured lawn adorned the property.  there was an ongoing prenuptial photo shoot and the garden is a good venue for one.

it looks nice even from afar.

how do you describe the scent of pine trees?

the manor at camp john hay is one hotel in baguio city incomparable to others.  impressive architecture, cozy interiors and an exceptional ambience of the “real baguio” makes it one of the best of the best.