something fishy

as much as possible, i never whine about the food i eat here at the rig but imagine yourself eating the same prepared food every other day seems unbearable.  the thing is, i cannot complain for the only thing i eat is fish and seafood (i practice pescetarianism) and our catering’s food supply is limited.  people here don’t like eating fish – everyone are carnivores!

.. maybe i’m just missing my ma, i miss her home-cooked meals back home.


pescetarianism is a dietary choice in which a person will not eat the flesh of any animals other than types of seafood.  other animal products like eggs and dairy may be a part of a pescetarian diet.  a person following this dietary choice is known as a pescetarian.

i stopped eating pork in highschool, my mom was getting annoyed at me for when she cooks anything with pork on it, i’d rather have boiled eggs than eat that thing she cooked.  and after some time, the family stopped eating pork.  two years ago i removed beef in my diet, and a year after then i also stopped eating chicken after i developed skin allergy because of it.

some consider pescetarians as semi-vegetarians.  reasons behind the practice differs, from religious beliefs, to health issues, to lifestyle factors.

semi-vegetarianism can be a choice, i chose this kind of lifestyle without anyone telling me to practice it.  i have never even known before that there is a word that defines it.  well, it’s just a matter of preference.