everything’s made in china

absolutely, i am sure that you will find a personal belonging that is made in china.  whenever i buy something out of a store, i just have this habit on checking where the stuff i bought is made: my laptop, mobile phone, cordless mouse, portable hard drive – most of the gadgets i have is made in china..  my bullcap, a shirt, a pair of pants, my flipflops..

the average labor costs of industries in China are only 5 percent of those in developed countries like the United States, Japan and Germany.

but is china exploiting cheap labor?  foreign investors sees this as a low priced, quality labor resource, and referred to as the country’s say to world competitiveness.  reality is, it’s just not china that offers cheap labor , include india, pakistan, vietnam, indonesia, mexico, brazil and not to forget my own home country, the philippines, amongst others. 

so is everything made in china?  hmm..

i was munching  some “skittles” candies last night and of course was checking the foil packaging – funny thing was it was manufactured in huairou, beijing, china.