beach destination wishlist

i love the beach.  my ma have told me things like, “you’re going to the beach?  you don’t even know how to swim!” or “don’t go near the water when it’s high tide!”  i know she loves me so much and well, she is oh-so-right for i really never learned how to swim.  i have been to failed swimming lessons and if you throw me into the sea right now, i’ll drown to death.  ironically, i work remotely in the middle of the sea.  it’s like a five hour boat ride or a 25 minute chopper flight to reach shore – “how about that mama?”  hehe.

after updating my work calendar for the year, i decided to visit three island beach destinations for each time that i’ll be home.  it’ll all be just a ‘wishlist’ for now, but i still hope i can accomplish it by the end of the year.

1. guimaras:  i bought a regular flight ticket to iloilo last year and did not showed up at the airport.  i think it deserves a second attempt.

2. el nido:  palawan just fascinates me.  i have been to puerto princesa in 2009 and coron in 2010.  for 2011, it’s pronto, el nido!

3. panglao:  if i’m going to see some chocolatey hills and a weird-looking mammal such as the tarsier, why not check panglao?

how about you, have you made a list of your beach destinations this year?

16 responses to “beach destination wishlist

  1. yay! yung #1 and #2 mo nasa list ko din pero ang nabibili ko palang eh yung sa #1 hahaha! 😀 yung sa #3 mo, nakapunta na ko last 2008 and babalik ulit ako this feb. this time kasama ko na mga bagets ko! 🙂

    beach on summer!!! lezz gow!!! 🙂

    • .. dyan, bumibili ka na ng isla ngayon?! hehe. sige, abangan ko yung panglao post mo this february. i’m sure andai mo nakaplan na destinations this year, naikot mo na ang pinas!

  2. pareho pala tayong hindi natutong lumangoy! i used to go to oil platforms, still go deep sea and shallow water fishings, ford swollen rivers, ride overloaded boats in rough seas, etc. i fared as well as an excellent swimmer in the sense that i was never in a situation where i had to swim or sink.

    between you and me, learn how to swim (you are still young) – it is worth it. get a sexy blonde swimming instructress, if you have to. if you still fail to learn, at least you would have enjoyed the swimming lessons and it is worth the money you spent LOL.

    • .. tukayo! i work on oil and gas platforms now, palipat-lipat lang, hehe. i passed the survival trainings after ingesting a good amount of chlorine water! hay bert i have been to adult swim lessons pero after three times doing it – i gave up.

  3. di ako masyado mahilig sa beach eh.. i prefer the mountains! he he!

    and when i go to the beach, gusto ko naman yung “undiscovered”. ayoko na ng mag tourist spots (i’ve been to lots and i didn’t get to appreciate them that much.. well, except panglao maybe).

    • .. gusto ko rin ng mountains grace pero it requires a lot of stamina, e ako itong tamad. undiscovered beaches? naalala ko tuloy when i was in el rio – iilan lang kayong tao dun!

    • .. jot that down in your wishlist for the year mordsith, who knows you might suddenly get a chance to go there – just don’t bring those law books with you okay? hehe.

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