i know it’s a no-no but i did took an anti-hypertensive pill without any doctor consultation.  i do not recommend  anyone to do this – but i just did.  i have two boxes of atenolol 50mg in my rig clinic, actually it has been there sometime now, like since i started to work for this rig nearly three years ago.  well i was too worried about my abnormally high blood pressure and it will take a lot of fuss of me going to the hospital.  so i read carefully the product literature of this pill, the indications, dosaging and undesirable effects.


i took one yesterday after i woke up in the morning, i checked my blood pressure – 150/100, by mid-morning i checked again, it was 110/70 . . hooray!  it worked!  i was relieved.

so i closely monitor my blood pressure and found out that it has an average of 110/70.  for now i’m going to take this medicine continuously – even if it was out of self-medication.


the hypertensive post


at first i thought it was just jetlag.  i was feeling light-headed and i get occasional blurred and double vision as i was using my office computer.  the next day, i still felt the same so i got my digital blood pressure monitor and checked my vitals:  systole 160/ diastole 100, pulse 80/min.  i mumbled.. ‘fuuuck’. 

‘normal human daily blood pressure range can vary widely, so any single blood pressure monitor reading is not reliable.  bp monitor readings must be taken at different times of day, to determine average blood pressure levels over time.’


using this blood pressure chart by vaughn, a systole 160/ diastole 100 can be classified as pre-moderate stage 2.  i did monitored my average and it was the same.  the only reason i can blame for this was my diet, i wasn’t stressed out or anything but i did consumed a lot of fatty and salty food when i was on days off, likely my cholesterol level is also high.

sim card winner

i was having a haircut earlier when my mobile phone rang, i checked who was calling and it was a number not in my list of contacts.  i usually would not answer calls like that but i was thinking it could be one of my co-worker who was also on days off and whom i was about to meet up before dinner.  so i answered the call, it was a woman with a good tone of voice, though she was talking fast, i did understood her.  she tells me then that my mobile number was chosen as the winner of a sim card of another local network provider, added that it will be sent through courier and i need to dictate to her my full name and home address.  huh? wtf is she thinking?  i turned off my phone before she can say another word.  i think this is a scam.


last january, i took the nclex-rn examination back in manila.  i was on my days off then but the problem was i wasn’t ready.  i had the chance to reschedule the exam but i still took it – it was a bad choice.  it was sort of jumping off from a cliff with a parachute on but not being sure if it will work or not.  then came the results after about two weeks in the mail when i was back here.  when i saw the white envelope, i knew i flunked:

we regret to inform you that you did not pass the nclex-rn examination.  enclosed is your nclex-rn candidate performance report.

i did so bad.  i mean very bad.  out of 8 content areas of the examination, i got 6 of them as below passing standard, 1 as near the passing standard and 1 above the passing standard. 

enclosed is a board of registered nursing request for repply/repeat examination application to reapply for board eligibility to take the nclex-rn examination.

if the exam is not taken again within two years from the date of the last examination, the application will be considered as abandoned and the files destroyed.  that is one reason i have to reapply, and next time i have to make sure that i am ready for it.

panic attack

the door of the rig office flung open and i saw our driller, chris, with his workclothes full of grime, flushed and breathing heavily, his gray eyes wide open looking straight at me..

what’s wrong, chris“? i asked.
robert“.. he said, “i’m having a panic attack“..

a panic attack is a sudden episode of intense fear that develops for no apparent reason and that triggers severe physical reactions. symptoms varies from faintness, trembling and even a sense of impending death.

i accompanied him to the rig clinic, and made him remove his boots as he half-reclined on the bed. i gave him a cup of cold water to drink, dimmed the lights and left him alone for a few minutes. when i went back, i asked him how he was doing, if he still feel the same, he said he calmed down a bit.

he added that it had happened to him way back, some years ago. i asked what caused it, he answered he sometimes get claustrophobic, feeling trapped.

about 5% of the population will experience panic attacks during their lifetimes, it affects more women than men, and appears to be inherited.

i have also read that most panic attacks usually peaks within 10 minutes and i saw this with chris. after a few more minutes with him inside the rig clinic he felt better, he got up, slipped his boots back, said thank you and went back to work.

he looked okay when i saw him today, as if nothing happened.

hold departure order

ever had that instance wherein you are about to leave the house but you cannot ignore that jittery feeling that something is “not just right”?  well i just had one.

my flight back to work was scheduled on my birthday.  i had it organized, and i travel light, i always make sure that everything has to fit in my laptop backpack, prioritize the most important stuff,  then leave behind the ones in excess.

i realized then that something was missing, which was my travel document organizer bag.  my mom was insisting that she never saw it since i went back for days off but i told her i had put it in my cabinet drawer.. i started to doubt myself if i really left it somewhere.. and was thinking what was inside it and all i remembered was it has my frequent flyer cards and luggage tags, an old e-ticket and some used boarding passes.

so i left the house without it, anyways, i considered it then as not that important.  i arrived at the airport 0900H, boarding time was at 1100H and when i was in line for the boarding passes the guy behind the glass window grinned at me and said “sir, it’s your birthday today, happy birthday!” , i smiled and told him thanks as he handed me my pass: economy class, 49A, a window seat.

next step was immigration and i went to the queue area and when it was my turn, it hit me:

there are about 6 filipinos of the same name as me who have legal cases from attempted murder to homicide, i had known this since i applied for a clearance in the national bureau of investigation –  the one on the HDO (hold departure order) list was the one with the civil case.

i had a photocopy of my clearance in the bag that was missing, i always bring this with me for i always get that look from the immigration officer as if telling me that i’m in trouble.

“ma’m i left it at the house”.  was all i can mutter as she stared at the computer screen.  “you have known that you always encounter this problem and you still forgot your clearance”? she said, “what if i put you on hold, and not make it in your work destination”?  all i can make was a worried expression.

luckily, she did let me go, but only for now.  the next time if i don’t get a new clearance i will not be able to leave the country.  i will surely fix this problem when i go for days off in september.  while waiting to board the plane i called on my mobile phone to say my farewells to my mom, siblings and some close friends.  after i told my mom about the incident she called me back and said she found out where the bag was.. my eldest brother mistakenly took it in my drawer, thinking i wasn’t using it anymore.

and you know the legal case of the person of the same name as me that put him on the hold departure list?  here it is:

the offense of willfully and knowingly having more than one wife or husband at the same time.  the offense of willfully and knowingly entering into a second marriage while validly married to another individual is bigamy.

the case was filed in 1991, i was 16 years old then.