i was craving for frozen yogurt yesterday and i remembered seeing a pinkberry store at ajman city centre.  i have never tried their yogurt before but i knew that it is well-known back in the states. when i made it at pinkberry, i was trying to figure out what yogurt flavor to order when the guy at the counter asked me if it was my first time to try their yogurt (i’m wondering now if i looked like a confused kid staring at their menu!).  i said yes and he cheerfully gave me a ‘taste test’ on the yogurt flavors available.

there was mango, pomegranate, passion fruit, coconut, original and chocolate.  he said they also have green tea which was not available that time.  of all the flavors i tasted, i liked the pomegranate.  the chocolate was also good but i wanted something different.

i opted for a tailor-your-own fruit parfait, where one can choose three fruit, two dry toppings and two yogurt flavors.  my fruit parfait consisted of bite-size strawberries, pineapple and kiwi, some honey almond granola, fruity pebbles, pomegranate and mango yogurt.

pinkberry in ajman city centre is near carrefour beside cinnabon bakeshop. 🙂

muesli fruity yogurt drink

i just made myself an energizing breakfast drink earlier using flavored yogurt, some fruits and muesli.

peel and chop a cored red apple and a ripe banana, put in a blender and add 250ml of flavored yogurt (i used peach and passion fruit), 125ml of low-fat milk, a tablespoon of muesli, honey and half teaspoon of cinnamon. blend together for 30 seconds or until smooth. makes one tall glass of muesli fruity yogurt drink.

this drink is high in fiber, and makes a good breakfast drink specially if you are on the go. 😉

fruit salad with honey-yogurt dressing

one can actually use a variety of fruits when preparing fruit salad. i collected all the fruit that was available in our catering walk-in chiller and here is the result.

chop into bite sizes a small peeled cantaloupe, one red, green and yellow apple. peel a mandarin orange, remove the white membrane and separate into wedges. in a bowl, toss apples with some lemon juice then add the cut cantaloupe, mandarin oranges and half a cup of black seedless grapes. sprinkle with grated cheddar cheese, toss gently, cover and chill. serve chilled fruit salad with honey-yogurt dressing by combining a cup of fresh plain yogurt and two tablespoons of honey, stir well together.

that was simple! a good suggestion to weight watchers out there, hehe. 😀