half digested biryani

i know it’s quite gross blogging about it but . . .

a pakistani patient of mine just puked about two plates of biryani (a rice meal cooked in spices, veggies and meat) on the rig clinic’s floor – guess he ate too much of it while welcoming 2010.  lol.

well, happy new year!


baking, blazing, blistering, boiling, broiling, burning, calescent, decalescent, febrile, fevered, feverish, feverous, fiery, flaming, heated, humid, igneous, incandescent, like an oven, on fire, ovenlike, parching, piping, recalescent, red, roasting, scalding, scorching, searing, sizzling, smoking, steaming, stuffy, sultry, summery, sweltering, sweltry, thermogenic, torrid, tropic, tropical, very warm, warm . .


it is actually 55 degrees centigrade here in our location  . . words aren’t enough to describe the heat in here!

toy jeep


this is the last existing toy that i have during my childhood.  my father bought this for me when i was in my 3rd grade, i was about a 9-year-old then.  it’s a japan-made plastic toy jeepney which runs without batteries – you just push it then it makes a clackety-clack sound.  until now it works, eventhough some of its parts have been gone.

his name is ‘blizzard’ and he was my prized possession as a kid.  i won’t even let my other playmates touch him for i was worried he might get scratched or damaged.  i used to take care of him religiously, like after i play with him i dust him off with a small brush, then i use a wet rag to wipe off clean the body and the tires, then i store him in his box. 

i think even in my younger years, i was already an ocd case.  LOL!

for free

just traveled seven hours by land on a dust infested coaster bus, and when we were at base camp all the accomodation rooms were full so the personnel department had no choice – they had to check us in on a hotel.


service in this hotel is very good, staff is very friendly and the rooms are quite large and well furnished. one more thing, they have free wifi at the lobby.  i was checked in at room 263, too bad i can only stay till tomorrow morning.

authorization to test

the following day after i received my eligibility notice to take the nclex, i was just too excited.  the original plan was i was to register thru a call but i was too preoccupied to set this up for myself – so i registered online.

after about less than twelve hours i got this e-mail from pearson vue,  my authorization to test:


the authorization to test (att) is valid for a one (1) year period.  if you do not appear for your scheduled examination appointment or do not take the examination before the one (1) year period expires, you will be required to reapply to the board and register with pearson vue.

so my next step: hunt for review materials!

shadow play

was called in yesterday of a vehicular accident about a hundred kilometers from our location.  hurriedly,  i grabbed my trauma bag, a satellite mobile phone and the digicam.  on the way i was dead worried of the unexpected, i didn’t know on to what extent the injuries of the occupants of the vehicle were for i was not fed any specific details about it.  then i remembered i forgot my wallet and my iqama.  shit.  what if we need to go straight to the hospital?  i do not have a single riyal with me or my identification documents. 

then i saw the vehicle, as we got closer my worry was replaced with a sigh of relief.


the occupants of the vehicle were okay, the passenger told me that their tire burst suddenly (most likely they were driving like crazy), driver lost control and the vehicle swerved and flipped on the other side of the skid road.  just see how lucky they are.

before we went back to the rig i managed to shoot a picture of my shadow in the desert sand.  i just love seeing that pattern the arid wind forms in the sand.


. . . very alien-like,  huh?!  haha.

the door

i was on my way last night to the main camp where most of the rig personnel quarters are located, it was still early, past 7:00 pm, i had to hand over one of the roustabout’s new work boots for he forgot it at the rig office.  when i was infront of his room, the door was slightly ajar and i noticed the light inside, i knocked softly then all of a sudden the door slammed and someone inside sort of hurriedly locked it.  i thought i disturbed him or something, so i waited for a while then knocked again – he needs the boots for work tomorrow so i knocked again, and again.  no answer.  well, fuck!  i left to go to the mess hall to have dinner but the room boy saw me.  he asked me what i was doing with the boots and told him what happened.  “let me knock on his door then”, he said “or else i will just open the door for i have the keys,” he added.  so, we went back to the room and i asked him, “nihardeen, knock first.” he did knocked twice, then just opened the door.

i peeked from the opened door and no one was inside.  “no one here.” the room boy said.  well i thought that was weird, because someone just locked the door and it is a difference of a few seconds when we went back and if someone was inside the room there is no other way to go and i will surely see him going out.  i told the room boy to put the boots in the bed and i just ignored what happened.

when i went to the mess hall i passed the recreation room – lain on the sofa, watching television was taha, the roustabout whom i had to give the boots to.  wtf?!